1 Year Anniversary Client Happy Hour

We appreciate all of the support our clients and partners have given us through the year. To show our appreciation, we would love to have you swing by our office and have a drink with us. There will be refreshments and snacks provided. Feel free to pass this invitation along to your co-workers or friends, and if you have a +1 who is looking for some CFO or back office support, bring them along as well! Who: Friends, Clients, Partners & Prospective clients Time: Friday April 24th, 2015 from 5pm to 7:30pm Where: 81 Langton Street, Suite 4, San Francisco, CA, 94103 Online event registration for Foresight ASG’s 1-Year Anniversary Client Happy Hour! powered by Eventbrite

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The Very Very First Foresight Post!

Hello World! We are excited to have launched our blog! With any story there must be a beginning and with any blog there must be a first post. With that in mind we thought we would cover the basics.   Who is Foresight ASG? Foresight Advisory Service Group (ASG) is a team of finance and operational professionals who love working with startups and early growth businesses. We consist of accountants, payroll specialists, financial analysts, and much more. Our mission is to handle the finance and operational logistics of early stage businesses so that our clients can focus on growing their business. We are located in San Francisco but use cloud based solutions so that we can engage with clients throughout the United States.   The Bloggers/Team: In alphabetical order as everyone is of equal importance!                                 Dan […]

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How to Raise Capital, from our partner, Xero

How to raise capital

Raising sufficient capital is one of the main barriers to starting a new business. Some businesses are able to launch with little or no funding but most need some type of loan in order to get started. For instance, a service provider can possibly start operations with minimal capital but a brick and mortar retail establishment will need to pay for the storefront, equipment and the initial inventory.   Preparation is key When you go out to ask for funding, anticipate some pointed questions. Investors and lenders will want to know you are serious about your business concept and have a solid strategy in place. You’ll likely be asked about future revenue, the collateral you can provide and your own personal business and borrowing background. Well-kept accounting records can be a big advantage when having these conversations since you’ll easily be able to chart and forecast costs and revenue.   […]

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Hiring Tips 101, from our partner, Xero

Smart hiring techniques

  As your small business grows, you’ll need to hire new employees to assist with the increased workload. If you want to sustain your success and continue to grow, it’s crucial that you find the right people to join your business.   Planning is key Before you start posting job descriptions and scheduling interviews, take the time to form a long-term hiring strategy. Start by making a lists of the priorities that need to be addressed right away. This will give you an idea of what roles you need to hire for and which ones should take precedence. Also, take a close look at your budget and carefully consider how much you can afford to pay your new staff. You may find that it makes more sense to hire a part-time employee or a person with a flexible skillset that can take on multiple roles.   Explain your culture You’ll […]

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