With your product built and clients signing up it’s time to focus on higher-level strategy and planning. Get support with forecasting, budgeting, and all your advisory needs.
Foresight is your on-demand CFO.

Strategy and Planning

With your product built and revenue rolling in it’s good to know where you are headed and how you will get there. We cover everything from planning your fundraising to managing your capital.

Foresight is the perfect solution for any start-up or small to medium size business that does not have the resources or desire to build their own Finance and HR teams. From light bookkeeping and payroll to financial modeling and investor reports the Foresight team has the knowledge and expertise to assist at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal staff, yet the dedication and presence of an in house team. A true partner and trusted resource!
–Heather Jerrehian, COO of Aglocal


Track your progress against your budget

If one part of your company is underperforming or exceeding its budget, knowing too late can lead to disaster. Gain actionable knowledge so you can be proactive in your decisions.


Investor and Board Reporting

We make sure you are presenting the most accurate, reliable, and relevant information to your board.

➢ meeting goals
➢ state of the company (financials, key metrics, etc.)
➢ financial report / budget
➢ key accomplishments / challenges
➢ sales funnel / user acquisition strategies
➢ product roadmap
➢ business development roadmap
➢ milestones to accomplish by next meeting


Early Stage Services

  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Financing/Funding
  • Board Meetings
  • Key Business Metrics

Looking for more Advisory/CFO level services? Check out our Later Stage services.

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